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Video upload schedules are quite popular among the YouTube community for good reason. They provide a few key positives that will surely help you out, so if you have yet to incorporate one into your YouTube channel, read our YouTube Tip article and get one going for yourself.

Why an Upload Schedule is Beneficial

      The main reason an upload schedule would help you and your productivity as a YouTuber, is it holds you accountable. No matter how productive of a person you are, everyone procrastinates. This procrastination is a dangerous thing for YouTube channels because it will put a delay on all faucets of your video production. The “it could wait until tomorrow” mindset will do nothing but hold your channel back. That is why you need to find ways to combat procrastination, and one the best ways to do this as a YouTuber, is setting a video upload schedule. By doing this, you are now accountable to follow that schedule. It gives you motivation to amp up your video production and productivity so you do not disappoint your fans. So next time when you are working on the last bit of editing for a video, and you get that urge to check your phone or quickly flick on the T.V, you have the motivation to keep on working because you know you have a time frame to follow.

      A video schedule is not only beneficial for your productivity, it is also is a good thing for your fans as well. All of your subscribers will love to know when to expect new videos, they do not want to be left in the dark, not knowing when the next time you release a video will be. Let’s say you tell your viewers that every Tuesday you are going to upload a new video. Now every Tuesday your fans will be reminded of you and your channel, and come back excited to see your newest upload. It builds up anticipation and keeps you on the mind of your viewers.

      Consistent uploading is a very important factor when it comes to growing your channel. By setting up an upload schedule, it will create a constant flow of videos so you can get noticed by the YouTube algorithm, as well as your viewers, all while keeping yourself productive and accountable for your videos.

Choosing a Good Upload Schedule

      While an upload schedule can be very beneficial, if you do not set up a good one, it will end up hurting you a lot more than it helps. If you choose one that that you cannot keep up with, you will end up being very stressed, and it will kill the enjoyment you get from making videos for YouTube. On the flip side, if you choose a schedule that is too long, you will not get the motivation that a good upload schedule should provide. So the key to a good upload schedule is finding the sweet spot for you and your channel.

      In order to find the perfect “sweet spot” for your channel, you must take a step back and make a calculated estimation of how long you need to make a good video. You must take in all the factors that go into your video production, as well as some non video production factors such as work, school, family, or anything that applies to you. Take in all these factors and make a decision on a good time frame.

      An important thing that people usually forget, is to test out your schedule for a couple weeks to find out if you should adjust or fine tune it. You need to analyze and experiment with your new upload schedule before you let your subscribers know about it. You do not want to commit to a new schedule, only to find out that it is not going to work. If you are struggling to scrape out a video in the time you allocated for yourself, extend it, and if you made the video way faster than the time you gave, and you are confident that you can keep that speed up every week, shorten up your schedule.

      Once you have your perfect upload schedule, officially announce it and watch as excitement for your videos grow, and your productivity increases.

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