Making Empty Promises

YouTube Crime Part One

There are many crimes YouTubers can commit that will risk the success and growth of their channel. In this article we discuss the importance of following through with the promises you make to your viewers, and what can happen if you don’t. We also give some tips on how to avoid breaking promises to you fans all together.

The Crime

       Making empty promises to your fans is a bad habit that unfortunately you have probably seen too often on YouTube. As a YouTuber you need to take notice of this, and commit to never doing it yourself. Whether you tell your subscribers that you are going to release new videos every week, or you are going to drop merch soon, you need to make sure that you follow through, or else your channel will suffer from unnecessary negativity. When you make a promise to your fans and follow through with it, you build a connection with all of your viewers, you get them excited, build trust, and connect with them on a more personal note. However, if you break your promises, you not only miss out on these advantages, but you also face addition drawbacks as well.

The Punishments

Comment Section Heat

       Your first punishment you tend to receive from broken promises is lash back in the comment section. When promises are broken people get upset no matter what situation you are in, and when it comes to YouTube, people like to bring their emotions to the comments. Keep in mind that it is their right to do so, it is just your responsibility as a YouTuber, to try your hardest to avoid provoking these kinds of situations. The thing about comment sections on the internet in general, is all it takes is one users comment to influence what others think. So if you get some new viewers, and they scroll down, only to find that the first comment is calling you out for lying, chances are they are going to think negatively about you and your channel, even if they initially enjoyed your video.

Lost Trust

       Your relationship with your subscribers is really important, and if you want to grow your channel, you need to maintain a strong trust between you and your fans. If you go around making promises without following through with them, this trust will be impacted. When it comes to your online presence, the key is to be genuine. Lying, and breaking the trust of your fans is a surefire way to come across as the absolute opposite of genuine, and your views, likes, and subscribes will be affected to show for it. You want to preserve the trust with your viewers as much as possible, so the last thing your want to do is ruin it with an empty promise.

Bad Image

       The last punishment you will receive from committing this YouTube crime, is you create a bad image for yourself. Having a bad image is obviously something you do not want, and by breaking a promise, you are just self inflicting it onto your own channel. If you go and tell your viewers that you are going to make an awesome video with a popular YouTuber, and a month goes by without you mentioning it again, you will be known as the channel that lies about big time collabs. Nobody needs to tell you to avoid having a bad image, so just don’t go around breaking promises and causing one for yourself.

Avoiding Empty Promises

To avoid making promises you can’t keep, remember these tips:

Never Make a Spur of the Moment Promise

Promises you make in the spur of the moment, generally do not turn out well, Don’t get caught up in your own emotion and promise something to your fans that you can’t deliver.

Think About your Promises Before Sharing Them

Before your go out and officially announce your promise, think it over a couple times, and run through the logistics of it all. Make sure there is not obvious holes in what you plan on delivering.

Make a Plan

Big promises you make to your subscribers, can often times be overwhelming. A good idea is to break it down into a step by step plan in order to wrap your head around what you are doing. One of the main reasons people break their promises is because they get all flustered, and do not know where to start. Make a plan and level your head out so you can deliver on what you said you were going to.

Break down what you need to do into smaller steps to make it easier to accomplish.


If you do have to pull out of a promise you made, do not just ignore it and hope your viewers forget about it. Be honest to your subscribers, tell them why you had to break the promise, and how you plan to make it up the them (but make sure to be realistic this time!).

Communication is key, use it to your advantage.

       Be a good YouTuber, and avoid committing any YouTube crimes like this, it creates unnecessary negativity around you and your channel, and will slow down your growth and success.

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