How to Get Subs Quickly

Finding a Niche

       The first thing everybody wants to know when starting a YouTube channel is how to get subs quickly. While there is no “get rich fast” way to gaining subs, there are some techniques, tricks, and tactics in order to gain subscribers at a faster pace. In this article we discuss the technique of finding a niche for your channel.

What is a Niche

       A YouTube channel niche is a specific subject, topic, theme, or idea that your channel focuses on, which is not very common among other channels. For example, a niche YouTube channel could be a channel dedicated to “behind the scenes movie production”. Notice how it is a very specific topic that will interest a lot of people, as opposed to something related that is extremely broad like a channel dedicated to the subject of “movies”. You want your niche to be fine tuned, unique, yet interesting. Take for example, the YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading (check their channel out if you have never seen it, so you can get the idea of what they do), their niche is extremely unique and creative, and they have a massive fan base of over 7 million subscribers to show for it.

How it works

       At first glance, the idea of setting a specific theme for all of your videos may seem counter productive, however, when you break it down, it starts to make a lot more sense. When you start a channel, you pretty much get thrown into the jungle; with millions of other small channels all fighting for the attention of viewers, so it is safe to say in that in order to get attention and views, you must be unique. If you start a new channel, and the theme is just “gaming” it will be very hard to separate yourself from all the other channels with the same idea. But if change things up, and make your channel theme “old school Super Mario gaming” you immediately separate yourself from the gaming pack and offer something new to all the fans of video game centered YouTube channels. There are hundreds of millions of YouTube users, and even though a specific channel dedicated to old school Super Mario games will not interest all of them, even if it interests just 0.001% of the population (going of an estimate of 500 000 000 active YouTube users), that is 500,000 potential fans. Creating a channel niche is an easy way to generate genuine interest in your channel, so you can gain subs quickly, and get growing fast. The best part is when you start to grow, you can expand your niche and try new things, even if you want to broaden your channel theme from “Old school Super Mario gaming” to just “gaming” in general, it is a lot easier to be noticed as a gaming channel with 500 000 subscribers as opposed to a gaming channel with 150 subscribers. 

Finding Your Niche

       In order to find a unique niche that interests viewers, you must think about what interests you, and write them all down on a piece of paper. Now, chances are most of your interests are going to be quite broad, stuff like snowboarding, guitars, and video games are not detailed enough, so you will have to fine tune them using one of two ways. The first way is to break each interest down into something more specific. For example, under snowboarding, you can write down ideas like “custom snowboarding gear” or “urban snowboarding.” Each are very specific and unique, yet something certain people would click on and watch a video of. An example of a popular channel doing this is The Film Theorists, the interest of film/movies was fine tuned into the niche of creating entertaining theories that go beyond the actual film. The second way to fine tune an interest into a niche, is to combine two or three of them together to create something new and unique. An example of a popular channel doing this is Epic Rap Battles of History, they combined their interests of comedy, rapping/music, and history into an extremely unique series of videos that have harnessed over 3 billion views. Try it out yourself, write down all of your interests onto a piece of paper and fine tune them by making them either more detailed, or combining 2-3 ideas together to find your niche. 

       Finding a niche that is suitable for you can be very beneficial in growing your channel and gaining subs fast. If your channel is struggling to gain traction with viewers and subscribers, try creating a creative and unique niche yourself, and experience the benefits it can bring.

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