How to Make Money on YouTube

7 Different Ways

All YouTubers dream of turning their YouTube channel into a career, but many are unsure exactly how to do that. Luckily, these days there are many ways that you can harness your YouTube channel to make money. In this article we discuss 7 different ways to use your YouTube channel to make you some cash, and hopefully one day, a career.

1. Monetize Your Videos

       Monetizing your videos is probably the most well know and standard way of making money on YouTube. However, throughout the years, ad blockers have evolved, and while video motetization is not most big YouTubers main source of income anymore, it is still a good way to make money none the less. Before you monetize your videos, your channel needs to be reviewed by YouTube in order to ensure that your channel is suited for video motetization, they check your video stats as well as your content to see if it is advertiser friendly. As per YouTube, in order to be eligible to monetize your videos, you must:

  • Be in good standing with YouTube (AKA advertiser friendly content)
  • 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.
  • Have a minimum of 1000 subscribers.

       Once/if your channel is deemed eligible for monetization, YouTube will automatically find ads to place on your videos. It does’t take much extra effort on your part, you just have to choose when you want advertisements to show up before, during, and after your videos (just make sure not to over do it because viewers get frustrated at high ad counts) and you will get paid every time a viewer clicks on one of the ads. Once again, not all creators will be allowed to monetize their videos based on YouTube advertiser friendly content rules, so do not worry if your channel is not approved, we have 6 other great ways to generate money using your YouTube channel. 

2. Merch

       Creating a merch line for your channel is a great way to make your channel profitable. It does require some extra work on your end from design, to manufacturing, and delivery, but fortunately for you there are companies that streamline the merch creation process for you. In order to create a merch line you must have three things: a loyal fan base, a solid design, and a selling strategy.

A Loyal Fanbase

       Before you even start thinking about starting a merch line, you must have a loyal fan base. Keep in mind that the key word here is “loyal” not “big”. You can have quite a small fan base of a couple hundred, and still sell your merch as long as you have a good relationship with them. It goes the same the other way around as well, if you have a big channel with a lot of subscribers, but there is no connection between you and your viewers, your merch line will not sell too well. You want to make sure you are always building a strong, loyal connection between you and your subscribers, with out it, all the hard work you put into a merch line will not be profitable.

Solid Design

       No matter who you are, nobody is going to want your merch if it looks bad. That is why it is essential to focus on good design for your merch. If you want to know what makes good merch, take a look at our guide here on the keys to a solid merch line. If you want professional design for your line, explore our design packages here.

Selling Strategy

       The final element you must have to create a successful merch line, is a selling strategy. You must have a way of providing your fans a platform to purchase your merch, as well as a way of printing and distributing it. There are many ways you can go about this, but most YouTubers with a low to mid level following go with easy setup eCommerce sites like Shopify, or a direct printing and shipping company like TeeSpring. Whatever way you choose to sell, make sure to do your research and due diligence in order to ensure you are executing the best selling strategy for you and your channel.

Some examples of Channel Crafters designed merch.

3. Brand Deals

       Brand deals are essentially the same idea as video monetization, but they are much better for you as a YouTuber. Brand deals take out the middle man in video monetization, instead of companies advertising through google/YouTube, they advertise through your video directly. Meaning you film an ad, then edit it into your video. Generally they give you a script or guideline of their product that you must read / creatively communicate in your video. While brand deals require extra work on your end, they have the potential to pay upwards of $100 000 per upload. Unfortunately there is no way to “sign up” for brand deals like you can with video monetization (they have to contact you), but you can show companies that you are a great brand deal channel by having a good relationship between you and your fans. The best tip for a channel that does get a brand deal; even if it is just a small one, is to make creative, fun, and entertaining ad reads. This pleases your viewers, as well as the company you are working with, all while attracting new bigger and better brand deals. This is generally the best way to generating some serious cash on YouTube.

4. Patreon

       Patreon relies on the generosity of your viewers. In short, Patreon is a platform for your fans to give you money, varying in amounts, based on perks that you set up on your account. Once again, you are relying on your relationship with your fans, as well as their generosity, but if you do get a decent chunk of people to sign up for your Patreon, it can be quite profitable. A good way to bump up your Patreon subscribers, is to create some exclusive content that is only visible for your Patreons. Exclusive Q and A’s, live streams, and series are all perks that help convince your fans to become a Patreon. If you have a channel with 100 000 subscribers, it is very possible to get up to 1000 Patreons, if they are paying $12 a month, that is a $136,800 in just one year (after their small 5% fee). Patreon was made to help creators and is free to sign up. There is no risk with Patreon, so any YouTuber can make one and start earning some money.

Patreon is a company that is made to help creators make money so that they can continue putting out content.

5. Affiliate Marketing

       Affiliate marketing is a way to easily make cash with very little work on your part; especially if you do product reviews on your channel. You can sign up for affiliate marketing through all kinds of companies on the internet, the most popular being Amazon. When you sign up for affiliate marketing, they will generally give you a link that you can copy and paste into your video descriptions, then every time someone buys the product using your link, you will get a small percentage of the revenue. For Amazon, the profit you receive varies, depending on the product category. Items in the fashion category will net you a 10% revenue share, while headphones will get you 6%. If a viewer buys a $200 pair of headphones, that will get you $12 in your pocket; not bad for just copying and pasting a link, the best part? Anyone can sign up.

6. Podcasts

       With podcasting becoming more and more popular, it continues to grow as a business opportunity, especially for those who already have a decent following on YouTube. Podcasting is fairly easy to start up, you do not need an elaborate setup, some microphones and recording software will do the trick. By harnessing your YouTube following, you can gain traction quite fast, and with that will come advertising opportunities that will not only make you money, but also generate traffic back towards your YouTube channel. You see it all the time with big time YouTubers starting their own Podcasts. They are becoming increasingly popular and provide you an opportunity to start making some big money.

Starting a podcast is a fun, easy, and cheap way to harness your YouTube following so you can make some money.

7. Use Different Platforms

       There are all kinds of popular social media platforms out there these days, by expanding your YouTube channel following onto other platforms, you open up many new money making opportunities. If you have a popular channel that is making money on YouTube,  simply expanding onto Instagram can net you a whole lot of extra profit at the end of the day. Additionally to making you money, it will also help you connect better with your fans, both growing and strengthening your fan base.

Expanding your YouTube onto different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others is a great idea for all YouTubers.

       All YouTubers, no matter their popularity have the chance to utilize their channel to make to make themselves some money. Even if you start out with just one of these money making techniques, you can continue to grow your channel, and strengthen the relationship with your viewers in order to start making money with other techniques as well. And, hopefully one day, make your channel, your career.

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