Channel Crafters Design 

Choosing a Package

What We Can Provide For Your  YouTube Channel

There are four main factors that generally play a big part in your decision.


Our prices vary from package to package. We set up our prices so that no matter your budget, we have a package that fits well for you. Whether it is a $15 logo, or a $120 full merch collection,there is a package for you. Knowing your budget will help you make your choice.

Your Ideas

If you have a firm idea of what you want us to design, and know that you do not need any collaborations with our designers, it can save you some money. We understand that some people know what they want, and if you do, choose an express package that just takes your idea, and turns it into a final product, no collaborations or revisions necessary.


If you do not have your ideas set in stone, and want a bit of back and forth between our designers, choose one of our pro or premium packages so that you can give us ideas, and we will respond with some designs based on our communications.


Each and every package comes with different features and perks, the more expensive the package is, the more features it comes with. Which ones we offer, and which ones you need will greatly affect your package choice. For more information see our Compare Packages page.