How Long Does It Take?

How long it takes to get your finished products is dependent on multiple factors. The main two factors are the package you have chosen, and how busy we are at the time that you have purchased the package. A smaller package such as an Express Logo Package is going to be complete much faster than a larger, or more complex project such as a Premium Logo Package. Secondly, on certain occasions we can get busy, so it may take a bit more time for our designers to get around to you, however we try very hard to keep wait times to a minimum and will provide incentives if we cannot do so. Generally you are pretty involved in the design process so you will not be kept in the dark over wait times.

Do You Guys Do Refunds?

We offer no hassle refunds on our packages until the design process begins, after that point, if you are looking for a refund because you had problems over, or after the design process, we will directly contact you in order to resolve any issues via our customer support team.

What Is The Difference Between Raster and Vector Formats

Raster and Vector files are different file formats which each have their own pros and cons. The main difference is that vectors are made to not distort or pixelated when the size is edited. This is certainly good for a lot of applications, however not everything accepts these types of files. No need to worry though because we send you various types of both in all our packages.

What Is A Typeface Logo

A typeface logo is one that is made up of words and numbers that are edited, altered, combined, and modified in order to look great. They are simple, clean, popular, and work great for identification. The best part; we offer them at a discounted price.

What Is a Logo Breakdown

A logo breakdown is a feature that is offered in our Premium Logo Package. It is when we take your logo, and break it down into the components that make it up. We did a logo breakdown on our own logo to show you.


This feature can be very useful in diversifying your identity, and help you to place part your logo somewhere where it would not normally fit.

What Are Color Swatches

Color swatches are just your logos colors put in swatches with their RGB code. It is very useful for planning various things like a website, or video components by ensuring that the color you want to match with your logo is an exact replica.