How To Upload a New Channel Logo to YouTube

Posted under Tutorials by Channel Crafters on September 12th 2018

        Uploading your new logo to your channel is super easy to do and only takes a few steps. Follow along to find out how to upload a new channel logo to YouTube.

Step One: Go to your channel

go to your channel

Step Two: Click the “Customize Channel” button

click customize channel

Step Three: Click the pen icon in the corner of your old channel logo

click the pen icon

Step Four: Upload your logo from your computer

upload the logo

Step Five: Resize and adjust if nessasary

resize and adjust if nessasary

And that is it, you now how to upload a new channel logo to YouTube and you’re looking fresh. If it does not appear right away, don’t panic, it usually takes and a bit of time for it to refresh.

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