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The One Stop Guide For Everyone Who Wants to Create a Merch Line

Creating merch is a big step for YouTube channels. It helps provide publicity, and gets you some extra cash as well. However, before you jump right into getting your merch designed up, read through our Merch Design Guide to ensure you have our keys to a great looking, functional, and profitable line of merch, for your fans.

The Five Keys OF Merch Design

We have broken down our tips into five main keys. Read through and take note of them as you think about your merch line and generate ideas.

Know Your Audience

The first step before creating your merch line is to know your audience. If you know your audience, you can then gauge what they would want, and what you think would be most successful. For example, if you have an older audience, it would be a pretty bad idea to release a merch design that is based on a new trend that’s popular with the younger generations. Making a mistake like that would leave a lot of sales on the table. So know your audience and cater to what they would be interested in, even if it requires asking them straight up.

Know your Product

This key is all about knowing the product you want to release your merch design on. There are endless options of printing and manufacturing companies that offer all kinds of products that your design can go on. Before you start thinking about designs, take a minute to quickly research and get ideas of what kind of products are available, and what ones you want to release. This is important because sometimes the products you choose will dictate where you go with your design. For example if you choose to release wristbands, your design will have to be made with no small details, or else it will not look good when it is scaled down.


While this design may look great on a shirt, if it were to be scaled down to fit on a wrist band, it would not look good.

Decide Your Style

The next key to making a merch line is to choose your style. Are you going to go classic, rustic, modern, minimalist, or maybe comedic. The truth is, there are all kinds of merch styles. A good merch line that sells well will have a well thought out and chosen style. This also brings us back to key number one: knowing your audience. What style do you think your audience would want? For example, a comedy channel would most likely lean towards going with a comedic style, perhaps a reference to a running joke.


Simplicity is important when it comes to merch design. While it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating merch, and have the urge to make elaborate designs with a whole bunch of ideas blended into one. It is important to know that in general, these kind of designs don’t sell the best. When it comes to channel merch, most of the time, you want to keep things clean. One design should have one idea put into action. Take a look at some of the big brands selling t-shirts, more often than not, the designs are clear, concise, and simple. Less is more when it comes to good looking designs, so try to avoid falling into the trap of over the top, elaborate and busy ideas by choosing a single style and idea, then following through with it.


A good merch line must be profitable. So it is crucial to understand that certain designs will cost more when you go to print and manufacture it. If for example, you have a massive design with 14 different colors on it, and you want to print it on a shirt, you are going to have to pay more than you would if you had a standard design with less colors. You have to think about your design financially, and plan out if it will end up selling well. Even if you have a fantastic shirt designed, if it is going to cost the customer $45 because it was so expensive to print, it is not going to sell well. So be sure to plan ahead, and keep in mind that the more elaborate and complex your design gets, the more it will cost to print. It is best to do some quick research beforehand to see if the supplier you are going with is a flat price, or will charge extra for addition features.

Now, Let's Get Designing

Those are our five keys to merch design. Each key contributes to your design in different ways, so keep all of them in your mind as you start to develop ideas. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you are stumped and need help in the process, we have a custom design package for you. Below are our Merch Design Packages. Explore their features and prices and choose the one that works best for you and your channel.

Express Package
Our Budget Option
The Express Package is perfect for anyone who knows what they want, and does not need any revisions.
One Merch Design
0 Revisions
Final Product in Various File Formats
Final Product in Various File Sizes
Product Visualizations
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Pro Package
Our Most Popular Option
The Pro Package is great for anyone who wants professional level collaboration throughout the design process.
One Merch Design
2 Revisions
Final Product in Various File Formats
Final Product in Various File Sizes
Product Visualizations
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Premium Package
Our Most Serious Option
This package is perfect for anyone who is looking for a serious lineup up merch designs to roll out.
Three Merch Design
2 Revisions Each Design
Final Product in Various File Formats
Final Product in Various File Sizes
Product Visualizations
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