Merch Design – Pro Package (One design, Two revisions)


With the Pro Package, we help you develop your idea into a great design for your merch. We take your requirements and ideas, and create 3 sketches of options we can go, then allow you to choose which one you like best, and give us improvements to make as well. The Pro Package is great for anyone who wants professional level collaboration throughout the design process.




  • New merch design
    • Newly designed merch using our Pro Package design process
    • Tell us what you are looking for, then we will send you 3 sketches of directions we can go with the merch design.
    • You choose your favorite design, along with any adjustments or details to add, we will create it digitally and send it back for another revision, finally adding your final touches and give you your final product.

  • Design in various vector and raster formats
    • By default we will send you various vector and raster format file versions of your design, you may specify which type you want if you know which type of file you require from your distributor.

  • Various design sizesĀ 
    • We give you your design both in the main size you specify, as well as up to 3 different sizes you ask for.
    • This allows you to use your new merch design on various types of articles (hats, shirts, pants, etc.).

  • Product visualizationĀ 
    • We send you your final design on the backdrop of various types of merch so you have an idea of how it might look on an actual product.


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