So. . . What Makes a Good YouTube Channel Logo?

Posted under Channel Advice by Channel Crafters on September 8th 2018

Channel logos are really important when it comes to being successful on YouTube. The benefits of having one that looks good will help you and your channel grow and become more profitable as well. So what makes a channel logo good?

There is no secret formula that makes a logo look nice and work well, however there are some key qualities that must be followed in order to have a good looking design that does what it was made to do. We have broken down these qualities into 4 points which we will dive into, and describe the importance of.

Picture of keys

Choosing The right Style

There are tons of different design styles in the world of logo design, every logo out their can be categorized by their design, and when it comes to having a good logo, choosing the right style is immensely important.

Your logo style is going to give your audience a very quick breakdown, or a face value description of who you and your channel are. You know the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” well we all know thats not going to happen, especially when it comes to logo design. A quick look at a logo can show you their personality, their style, or what they stand for. For example, for demonstration, we will use big company logos to demonstrate this idea.

Notice how these two logos are completely different styles that both look good, and display to the viewer a little about themselves without you even noticing.

comparison of Lego logo and Lamborghini logo

Notice how the Lego design shows what it is about through the bright playful colors, and the bubbly round letters which give it a friendly, child like side. Overall it looks fun, and playful. On the other hand, Lamborghini is sharp, elegant, and powerful. Both are completely different which look good and work for who they are as companies. This is what you want to do with your channel logo.

If you choose the wrong style, it will not attract the viewers that you want to target, and you will not experience the great benefits that a new logo should bring to your channel. Imagine a channel made for children’s entertainment trying to attract viewers with a very sharp, elegant and fancy logo; it just won’t really work.

Display a Message

As we previously touched before, a great logo says something about you. It’s got to have some sort of value, whether it reflects you and your channel, or it’s a long lasting inside joke, there are limitless opportunities to curate a meaning, or message in your design.

It does not even have to be complex or deep, just something, anything that gives it some value. Maybe it is just the colour, it is fine as long as it gets a message across. You never see a big companies logo that does not reflect them, have backstory, or symbolize something.

For example, animals are a popular one. Most animals have a reputation associated with them, a horse is powerful and fast, while a bird is innocent and calm. These can be used to describe you and your channel. You would never see a car company use a sloth in their logo because it symbolizes laziness, and being slow.

Even simple typeface logos have meaning, fonts can be really powerful in showcasing a hidden meaning. Like we mentioned before with the Lego logo. Going back to the example of the children’s entertainment channel, soft loft lettering and bright colours would symbolize that you are child friendly.

Failing to choose a way to effectively display a message, would result in people who see it, confused and disinterested. Everyone loves a logo with some backstory or symbolism. Just make sure you are not overthink or over stressing it, because that leads to not only frustration, but a logo that looks forced and unnatural.


It is really important for your channel logo to be marketable, which means, like the name suggests, that you should be able to market your channel, grow and expand using it.

The main factor that goes into the marketability is memorability. You never want a forgettable design. The main purpose of a logo is to create an identity for yourself, from this identity you can create a brand; which is really important for making big bucks with your channel

You want to be able to manipulate whoever sees your logo into thinking and remembering your channel and your content. At the end of the day, a logo is a marketing tool, so you can not get away with a run of the mill design. It needs to stand apart from others so that it is distinct enough to be picked out of the crowd and be strongly associated with you.

bunch or white bears and a red one in the middle

If you have a channel focusing on cars, and every single related channels logo is a illustrated car, that means that your design should not look like that. That does not mean that it is not allowed to contain a car, but it needs to diversify itself from the other related channels in some unique way. Maybe instead of being based around a car, you base it off of a tire or a steering wheel.

Additionally it goes without saying that if you want a marketable logo, avoid any controversial material, or anything that resembles controversial material. The last thing your channel needs is a bad reputation based on a poor choice of design.

Always remember the main purpose of a logo is marketing, so make sure it is memorable and stands out, but do not go overboard and make it crazy out of this world, that never looks good and is certainly not going to give you a positive image.


When thinking of ideas for a design you really want to keep in mind that it is going to have to be used in many forms. From an video intro and outro, to printed on a phone case, your channel logo needs to look good and translate well from medium to medium without losing any of its appeal.

Let’s say that your logo is a bunch of multicolored flowers, this may look great on screen, but when you look at it from far, or print it onto a shirt it kind of mangles and morphs together, all of the sudden it does not look good anymore. It has become hard to make out, and therefore it is no longer useful.

Your channel logo needs to be versatile, especially if you have plans in the future of expanding, creating merch, running ads, or creating custom graphics based off of it. If a company has a very nice looking logo on screen, but when they go to print a sign to put at the front of their building, they find out it is too complex to properly print and manufacture, the nice looking visual appeal is completely useless.

So remember that simple logos look great, and while complex logos can still work, they have a chance of not translating well to other mediums, that is why you need to always think ahead. At Channel Crafters, when we design your logo, we will tell you when we see any issues with versatility and try to solve them with you.

rustic smithing merch
rustic smithing logo

Bonus Point

While this point does not necessarily have to do fully with the design itself, but what has gone into the design. It is really important that your ideas are not stolen, or copied. It may seem easy to copy another channel or company logo, however the time you save with form not coming up with your own design will not be worth it when you are running into trouble for plagiarizing.

And That’s It

So there they are, the four Channel Crafters key qualities that make a great looking, and working YouTube channel logo. Here at Channel Crafters, we keep all this in our mind as we curate a channel logo that works perfect for you. If you are looking to upgrade your channel and experience the great benefits that proper channel design brings, then head to our store and explore our packages. Whether it is a logo you need, banner, video intro or merch design, we offer top of the line design services specifically for YouTubers, all for an affordable price that will be hard to find elsewhere without sacrificing quality.