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Why Choose Us

Discover Why Channel Crafters is Perfect for all Your YouTube Design Needs

No Sketchy Dealings

Too many times if you are looking for a designer over the internet, there is so much uncertainty around dealing with them. Channel Crafters eliminates that uncertainty and worry about getting ripped off or scammed with secure checkout, contact information, and customer service readily available to ensure a good experience with us. Don’t bother looking through online listing sites full of uncertainty and sketchy dealings, when we ensure a smooth and trustworthy process.

One Stop Shop

Here at Channel Crafters, we offer all the design needs you require as a YouTuber. Now there is no reason to aimlessly look for designers to design each component that your channel needs. We have taken all of the design services video creators need, and joined them all under one roof for the convenience of already busy YouTubers.

Feedback Based Design

With our services, we utilize what we call feedback based cooperative design. That means that you are heavily involved in the design process. You tell us what you want; your requirements, interests, suggestions, and mid design feedback to guide us to what you visualize. Ensuring that that you are happy with your end product. Our packages have different numbers of feedback cycles to provide the right option for you.

Balance of Service

At Channel Crafters we know that there is a balance that we must keep our services at, to give you the best experience possible. So we balanced out all aspects of our design process to fine tune it for YouTubers. A good balance between speedy service and taking our time. A good balance between the big house design companies, and the lone wolf freelancers. As well as a balance between those big house prices, and the ugly online “logo makers”. We have thought long and hard to bring the best balance to our design services that we can give you.

Package Options

The way we sell our design services is different than the regular way in the industry, and we believe it is the most beneficial for everyone. Using our extensive package options, you can choose the right one for you and your needs. We know that everyone has different needs, budgets, and wishes, so we offer various packages to get what you desire, without paying for something you don’t need. Visit the store to explore our package offers.

We Know YouTube

Who is better to work on YouTube based design projects than people who are designing specifically for YouTube Channels. We started to help out Content creators grow and showcase their videos to millions, we understand what makes a good design, and will offer YouTube centered design expertise to help you accomplish your goals.